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timber cooling tower

Wooden Counter Flow & Cross flow cooling tower. In wooden counter flow all structural support and post are wooden fill portion may be used by wooden splash bar Or PVC Fill pack block.

Cross flow towers utilize a distinctly different type of water distribution system. Hot water is distributed to the fill by gravity through metering orifices in the floor of the inlet basin. There is no pressure spray distribution system. The air movement is horizontally through the fill, across the downward fall of the water. In crossflow towers, the internal pressure component of pump head is insignificant because maximum flow is achieved by gravity



Counterflow towers use a high pressure spray nozzle hot water distribution system to achieve water coverage of the fill. The nozzle spray pattern is sensitive to changes in water flow, and consequent change in nozzle pressure. The air movement is vertically upward through the fill, counter to the downward fall of the water. Counterflow towers typically have a smaller footprint than crossflow owers, but require additional height, static lift, and dynamic head to achieve the same cooling effect


Structural frame: Chemically Treated Pine Wood.
Side casing and louvers: Corrugated Asbestos Cement Sheet.
Fan Deck: Chemically Treated Pine Wood.
Eliminators: Marine Phenol Bonded Plywood and treated Pine-Wood.
Fill Supporters: S.S. 304 Wire.
Filling Material: Splash Bars of Treated Pine Wood
Hot Water Basin: BWP superior grade plywood
Motors: Standard Branded Motors of reputed makes
Fan Assembly: Cast Aluminium bladed with CI Hub.
Drive Shaft: Rod or Pipe Galvanized or Stainless Steel.
Gear Boxes: Reduction Spiral Bevel Gear Boxes.
Flow Regulating Valves: CI body valves with operating shaft (Stem) of stainless steel.
Fan Cylinder: FRP Cylinder.