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The Cool Customer: Cool solutions to Hot problems

For 47 years exclusively engaged in the servicing and modernization of Cooling Tower Industries Since 1974, we are offering dedicated and hi-quality services to the Cooling Tower Industry. Adequately backed by highly experienced scientific and Technical personnel we have in the process helped our clients to:

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The following types of services are offered by us:

Focus on R & D

Our strength is our R & D Cell which is relentlessly engaged in developing new and more improved spares to upgrade operations of the Cooling Tower Industry through optimizing energy-savings, increasing efficiency and reducing water consumption.

Our Mission

We believe that more is no alternative to dedicated and Professionalized services. We identify ourselves with the clients interest and provide highly professionalized and all round services our clients need and deserve. The concerned and co-ordinate efforts of various departments never failed to meet our clients’ aspirations and requirements.