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dust catching unit

Dust catching unit: COKE QUENCHING TOWER

THIS TOWER SPECIALLY MADE FOR COCKOVEN WORK FLOW. A coke quenching tower with water sprays for the quenching of coke while contained in a transfer car. An adjustable louver-like apparatus in the upper part of the tower controls the size of openings for the passage of air, quenching steam and particulate matter carried upwardly in the tower. Water sprays are used to clean particulate matter from the individual members of the louver apparatus. In one form, these members are flat plates connected to a push bar for adjustably positioning the plates. In another form, angular bars are used instead of the flat plates. In still another form, the louver members take the form of strips of web material supported by horizontally spaced rods. Other rods contact the web between its supported ends and deflect it in the horizontal direction